Athletic Republic is known for helping athletes improve their flat-out speed, develop an explosive first step, increase their vertical jump, sharpen their change of direction, quicken foot speed, and build power. The training programs are also designed to reduce the potential for over-use and non-contact injury.

Unfortunately, even well-prepared athletes still get injured and AR's Return 2 Play training programs have been developed to help them transition from physical therapy to being ready to return to competition.


The ACL Bridge Program 'bridges' the gap between Physical Therapy and an athlete regaining functional independence required to return to sport. The individualized ACL Bridge program includes regular evaluations to measure progress / improvements as athletes work to improve strength, flexibility, mobility, stability and power.

The step-by-step protocol progression over a 3-month period challenges athletes with:

  • FORWARD AND BACKWARD RUNNING: Forward incline running helps with body condition, improves speed and flexibility while (re)teaching proper running mechanics. Backward incline running advances motor control and improves functional strength without placing undue stress on the ACL graft.
  • PLYOMETRICS: Our progression of plyometric protocols challenge the athlete's coordination and foot speed, while improving neuromuscular efficiency and spatial awareness.
  • AGILITY and MULTI-DIRECTIONAL MOVEMENTS: These drills are designed to improve body awareness, reinforce proper mechanics, and enhance the neuromuscular pathways for sport-specific movements.
  • STRENGTH TRAINING: This personalized strength program targets the muscle groups supporting the hip girdle, hamstrings and abdominals and incorporates our MultiHip and PlyoPress machines


A running mechanics assessment is used to help improve an athlete’s sprint biomechanics and an endurance athlete’s running economy. Using an HD camera, real-time video feedback and Dartfish Analysis software, a runner's Arm Carriage, Trunk Rotation, Foot Strike, Posture and Cadence are coached to improve running form, efficiency, and speed, while reducing the potential risk for injury.


Concussion Recovery Program provides guidance and understanding to an athlete’s concussion recovery progress. Combining Mobility, Cardio, Strength, Balance, Agility and Sports Vision training in an organized progression, the program is designed to ensure a safe re-introduction to daily activity, to school and to sport, while simultaneously providing a transparent perspective on the athlete’s injury and rehabilitation process for the athlete, parent, trainer and medical professional.

ACL Bridge Program Details

Each session spans 90 minutes which includes one hour with a ACL bridge certified coach and 30 minutes for strengthening. The certified coach will begin with an initial evaluation and pre-testing session.

  • 25 sessions - 3 phases of training with progress assessments after each phase
  • Typical start date is 11-14 weeks post-surgery based on physician recommendations
  • Full program cycle takes about 3 months to complete

25 session pack - $75 per session or $625 per month (3-month contract)

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Learn to move better, get faster, stronger and more powerful, while tailoring their conditioning in the best possible manner for their sport.