Speed is a defining attribute of athleticism. No longer considered a genetic gift, speed is a skill that ultimately depends on how effectively an athlete puts force into the ground. No matter what sport you play, becoming a faster, quicker, and more agile athlete will almost always result in greater performance.

Here at Athletic Republic, we realize summer is a great time to develop this skill. For those athletes who sign up for the Summer of Speed, you can expect to improve your speed as we’ll be training five fundamental components:

Power Output

Power-based training targeting key muscle groups like the hips, trunk, and legs are essential for improving power and dynamic stability.

Stride Length

Using our super-speed treadmill, we maximize the effective stride length by increasing power output and optimizing the direction force is applied.

Stride Frequency

Improving power output and mechanics during contact with the ground and during the recovery phase will increase stride frequency.


Training to ensure each leg is equally stable and powerful involves reliable assessment and training at a wide range of loads, velocities, and direction.


The ability to sustain power throughout competition. This demands a level of conditioning that allows an athlete to maintain form and technique while fatigued.

Every athlete has the capacity to improve their first step quickness, create separation from a defender, or close a gap on an opponent. It just requires commitment to the proper performance training program. To learn more about our Summer of Speed training or to sign up for a free trial, contact us today.

Monday, June 13th - Saturday, September 3rd



Only $499 ($650 value)


While each athlete is different, we have proven results:

  • .25 seconds decrease in 40-yard dash time (equates to 6-feet of separation on the field)
  • 2"-4" increase in vertical jump
  • .25 decrease in pro-agility times
  • 20% gain in leg strength (peak force and power)

Transform your potential into performance