Born Tough Collaboration

Born Tough

I’m excited to announce my upcoming collaboration with Born Tough to review their men's active wear line.

In the next few weeks I will be personally putting their clothes through my daily routine of coaching, training and everything else in between. Those who know me well, I am very particular about my clothing, especially when it comes to coaching and training. So far, I like their story...check back soon for the review.

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Actively Reshaping the Sportswear Industry

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, and so are our tastes and lifestyles. And as we have outgrown heavy cell phones with buttons and diesel-powered sedans, so have we outgrown traditional, oversized and unaesthetic sportswear.

A modern Human needs modern sportswear. Sportswear that is true to size and looks good on the playing field. Sportswear that is designed to accommodate your technology needs. Sportswear that you can go and grab a cup of coffee in! And finally, sportswear that employs all the advancements in the textile industry by incorporating highest quality fabrics and manufacturing procedures.

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