Join us on Sunday, February 16th at 11am for our FREE Nutrition and Performance Seminar. The seminar is desiged to inform and guide you towards your fitness, nutritional and wellness goals. Learn how to set goals, develop skills and turn them into a daily practice.

The seminar will be led by Jenn Gargiulo, RDN, CSSD and our Athletic Republic Certified Nutrition Coaches to bring you the latest nutritional information, performance coaching and wellness topics. Included in the seminar will be a Q&A session along with the opportunity to sign-up for exclusive packages to continue your journey.

What will be covered:

  • Nutrition fads and myths (master the basics first)
  • Nutrient density of meals and why this matters (why a calorie isn't just a calorie)
  • Sleep, hydration, supplements, NEAT (how this matters in recovery and performance)
  • Macros/micros- what are they and how do I know how much to eat
  • Establishing SMART Goals
  • The importance of accountability and coaching

The seminar is FREE to all and is intended for those who are serious about their health and want to learn more about nutrition and how it effects our daily lives, fitness goals and wellness. For all adults and teenagers in high school and above. Spots are very limited, so reserve your seat today!


Designed for athletes and active adults

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Jenn Gargiulo, RDN, CSSD

Jenn Gargiulo, RDN, CSSD

Registered dietitian nutritionist
Certified specialist sports dietetics
Certificate of training – integrative / functional medicine
Certificate of training – obesity / weight management


Learn to move better, get faster, stronger and more powerful, while tailoring their conditioning in the best possible manner for their sport.